You and I don’t know each other yet, but I think we’d agree that Life – yours and mine – is full of moments both beautiful and terrible. Despite the cultural, ‘Christian,’ conventional, and correct responses – you and I know that everything is not okay. I often read stories that are set just before the terrible, or right after the terrible, but I sense we could use more stories where the terrible is all around – in the Middle.

Beauty isn’t absent in the Middle, but it’s much harder to pinpoint. We generally like listening to the hard tales that are “wrapped up with a bow” at their conclusion, but we often gloss over the mayhem in the Middle: the fractured loveliness of conflict, loss, triumph, betrayal, uncertainty, joy, sickness, weeping, laughter, loneliness, and introspection.

a mosaic is a

work of art, made up of tiny colored pieces of glass or tile // a combination of diverse elements //

Here you’ll find glimpses of my life – both past and present – shared through writing and imagery. It’s a mosaic of broken/whole, shadow/light, weeping/smiling, growth/decay, solitude/togetherness. While I absolutely believe the shattered bits and crafted pieces are carefully set and placed, forming a spectacular picture in the end, I can only share what I see right now, writing from the Middle.